Project Uprising CWRP
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14.99 GBP
  • Permanent
Become a VIP and get recognition for helping the server out with a VIP discord tag, an in-game VIP chat tag and in-game perks including:

25% extra republic credits when killing enemies
5% off all republic store packages (applies after purchasing at normal price)
Double the republic credits when dying in simulations
No fines when checking in damaged cargo to the telehederal cargo controller in the cargo room (more credits)
BETA access to any in-progress special donation jobs before they're released (these will show in F4/deployment menu as exclusive limited time beta jobs for VIP only)
Receive a free 2500 republic credits to be used in the in-game republic credit store on anything you wish
fancy VIP tag on our leaderboards
A VIP Star on the in-game scoreboard
Deploy as all jobs much faster than all other players (the landing animation when you choose a job, great on planets) when deploying is often time sensitive
Deploy the ARU Suit equipment within a few seconds and speed up the loading sequence
Receive 500 credits if you destroy a Droid Incursionist in the Fort Anaxes Base
Do not lose any credits on death as all jobs
Increased suite furniture limit (60 from 30)
Can colour Suite Furniture into any RGB colour

Republic Credits are used to purchase exclusive premium items and perks in-game such as hand blasters, additional ammo when deploying and extra armor etc.
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Anaxes Premium Suite
19.99 GBP
  • Permanent
The first in any Clone Wars RP server, purchase your own personal Fort Anaxes housing, known as a Suite.

- Ability to place Suite Furniture into your suite, and it will persist until the next time you check into your suite.
- Invite other players to your suite, use interactable furniture such as radios and dance floors to create a party.
- Suites are only available during regular defcons.
- Full suite system, with autosaving, map reloading protection, disconnecting protection and lots of other features to ensure your suite stays safe.

Suite systems are constantly being improved, and any issues will be dealt with very quickly if reported on the forums.
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Droid Incursionist
19.99 GBP
  • Permanent
The first of its kind on any SWRP map based on a ship, a dynamic venator attack system-based job - the Droid Incursionist

Upon spawning, a random CIS mothership will hyperspace into a random location around the venator, and you will deploy in a random CIS ship underneath the mothership - the mothership will hyperspace away and you will be free to attack the venator as you please. Currently only one person can use this job at once, and it has a 30 minute per player cooldown to deploy on the job. The server also has a 15 minute cooldown for anyone to deploy as the job, ensuring everyone who owns the job will have a chance to attack the venator.

Event Planners can also disable the server-wide cooldown for this job if they are attacking the venator as part of an event

Many custom features such as:
  • Cannot take any radiation damage (can attack Engine Core & Engine Room on the venator with no hassle to destroy critical systems)
  • Kill troopers you don't like without risking being banned
  • A high damage large loadout including a CIS SE-14 handgun, SG-6 shotgun & E5-BX rifle
  • A custom door hacking device, allows you to hack doors which the troopers may lockdown (CE or the AI) - can also open the MHB doors etc (door doesn't have to be locked to hack), random hack, around 20 seconds
  • Bacta cannot heal the droid incursionist, they can not be infected, and can not use republic communications. Restricted to the open communications chat channel only (/ocomms command)
  • Deploy as a random CIS fighter initially; a Vulture Droid, Tridroid, Hyena Bomber or a huge Droid Gunship. Choose your attack style, stay in the airspace to barrage the external integrity of the venator, or attempt to infiltrate the venator and kill as many republic troopers as you can.
  • Can only deploy whenever the venator is not at Coruscant, be smart with when you deploy and potentially take advantage of your knowledge of when the venator is already in a precarious situation (open doors to ease your attack)
  • Take no fall damage, so drop in through hangar doors of the venator with ease and navigate large rooms of the ship to surprise your victims before their inevitable destruction
  • Spawn with more ammo than a regular trooper, utilise ammoboxes you may find on the venator to prolong your attack
  • The job, much like the Astromech Droid, is fully supported by the developers and we're looking to improve and expand on it - such as credit rewards in future when the balancing of this new job has been finalised

Want to improve the loadout even more? Checkout the Droid Incursionist only upgrades in the Republic Credit Store, such as adding a CIS sniper to your loadout or giving you better stealth capabilities.

This is the first job of its type on the server, buy now to be part of history on playing as the first enemy faction-based job on the server.
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Custom Donation
Custom amount
  • Permanent
No perks as of now, simply if you want to donate to help out our server :)
Astromech Droid
12.99 GBP
  • Permanent
Become an exclusive Astromech Droid, the ultimate friendly companion to almost any player in any environment

Strong immersion with a custom droid heads up display, a modified camera to reflect the droid's appearance and many custom actions such as:
  • Ability to close doors from a distance
  • Ability to lock doors from a distance
  • Ability to unlock doors from a distance
  • Ability to dispose of defused bombs
  • Ability to attempt defusal of a live bomb (common in server events, only the clone engineers and droids can do this)
  • Ability to repair almost anything, ships, drones and ship modules such as the life support module, reactors and exterior venator/base hardpoints (an intergrated F-187 Fusion Cutter)
  • Ability to enable a personal forcefield making yourself temporarily¬†indestructable to any sort of damage, however disabling any other modes while active
  • Ability to repair the LFS ship you are flying in using F2 (even if you are a passenger) - it will notify everyone in the ship (pilots and passengers) that you have repaired it to a certain value.
Droids take no radiation damage, and are the only piece of equipment that can withstand the power of a forcefield to be able to pass freely through without being damaged - giving them a very unique and purposeful role
In addition to withstanding the dangers of different environments, they can also board ships like normal troopers, and withstand any fall from a height, taking no damage.

If you wish to upgrade your capabilities even further, seek the Astromech Thrusters upgrade in the in-game republic credit store - alllowing you to fly (enabling thrusters and disabling them at any time)

Say goodbye to useless cosmetic droid jobs.
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1,000 Republic Credits
1.99 GBP
  • Permanent
Buy 1,000 Republic Credits for in-game upgrades on your troopers!
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5,000 Republic Credits
5.99 GBP
  • Permanent
Buy 5,000 Republic Credits for in-game upgrades on your troopers!
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10,000 Republic Credits
9.99 GBP
  • Permanent
Buy 10,000 Republic Credits for in-game upgrades on your troopers!
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20,000 Republic Credits
17.99 GBP
  • Permanent
Buy 20,000 Republic Credits for in-game upgrades on your troopers!
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